Creating E-Learning Games With Unity3D

Creating E-Learning Games with Unity3D

Creating E-Learning Games With Unity3D

It’s been awhile since the last post and I’m here to review another book from Packt Publishing called “Creating E-Learning Games with Unity3D.” If you’re asking what version of Unity3D is needed for this, the book states that you will need version Unity 4.2.2f1.

This book will show you how to make three types of 3D games, namely:

1) Find the Flags,
2) Zombie Race,
and 3) Park Ranger

Let’s describe each game, shall we?

Find The Flags involves having the user learn about state names, flags and trivia.
As each flag is picked up, a trivia card is placed inside your inventory for you to be able to view and review throughout the entire game.

For Zombie Race, the user is quizzed with the material used in Find the Flags. In this case, you’re quizzed while being chased by zombies.

Finally, Park Ranger, the user races against the clock, find park visitors and apply their knowledge to help each one with their questions.

I wouldn’t say it’s simple to follow along with this book. There are some cases where you are either intentionally:

a) left to figure something on your own (which in some occasions is good)
b) going to have to download the assets and the code to really follow along. This is possible by accessing your Packtpub Account (as I discovered eventually)

For newbie developers like me, it may be frustrating to wonder how parts of your game work from one section to the other. You will be wondering how you followed everything but still get an error during compiling. The answer is not explained in the book but it will be once you look at the code provided through your Packtpub account. Unless of course, you’re really good at programming to figure things out.

At the end of reading “Creating E-Learning Games with Unity3D,” you should be able to build a framework for an e-learning game. Now, don’t expect it to be fully optimized which comes down to your personal taste. It’s our job to make the game better. You can pick it up right here – Creating E-Learning Games with Unity3D.