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24 Feb

Might and Magic Heroes Online

Received an email with keycode from Ubisoft to be one of the closed beta testers for Might and Magic Heroes Online.

I remember playing their first offering a few years back, HoMM Online, which resembled a typical Asian MMO with early Runescape like graphics. Ok, Runescape was just the first thing that came to mind, ok? Not necessarily, Runescape.

Most people would agree that III or IV in the Might and Magic series was the best. Personally, I’m a fan of Heroes V. ¬†Couldn’t play VI due to laptop requirements. Anyways, I was expecting a huge download file until I saw that it’s on browser.

Verne’s Obligatory Screenshots of Might and Magic Heroes Online

Might and Magic Heroes Online I

It’s an adventurer’s delight except for the character on the dialog box.

Might and Magic Heroes Online II

Gameplay for Might and Magic Heroes Online

What can I say? It’s 100% better than…oh, hell. no! None of that published Chinese game pretty please. The agony.

Heroes of Might and Magic Online

Basically, since I’m not updated until they sent an email. Verne thinks it’s still in alpha stage or so, but it looks good and shows promise. You can play between Necropolis and another race. Choose between maybe around 5 heroes at the moment and go slaughter some demons or whatnot. Doesn’t really resemble earlier games where you had movement points, but it has more of an RPG-ish feel. Personally I felt that the UI was small and it could be enlarged a little bit. The loading for the images on the dialog box need to be faster. Then again, it could be my internet connection that would be the culprit.

I like the game but I’m going to see if I still have enough “free” time to play more of it.


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